Porch Time

I will never be exactly here again. Have you ever thought: “I will never forget this”? A lesson learned. An experience at work. A funny joke. A feeling. The name of the dish in a region you visited. And then you can’t recall it. This time is different though. It will never escape me. For … More Porch Time

Meeting Joe Black

The timeliness of watching Meet Joe Black early in the Easter week experienced here in Chogoria became apparent only late Sunday evening. Joe Black, played by a young frosty-tipped Brad Pitt, is perhaps the most attractive physical embodiment of Death ever created. He comes to get a taste of life the best way possible: alongside … More Meeting Joe Black

A World of Difference

“You should try the cheese and chocolate,” she said. “Cheese and chocolate?!” A confused facial expression accompanied my response. The local Stone Town woman smiled warmly under her ornate hijab and instilled confidence in this Zanzibar pizza chef – she was a regular. I couldn’t decide between the savory tomato, meat, and cheese or the … More A World of Difference