Commodifying Medicine

This piece was originally published on 3M’s Inside Angle blog on May 28, 2021. “Almost any time we allow the life support systems of our planet or society to be commodified, it drives other breakdowns.” – Tristan Harris There is a tremendous amount of value that springs from the patient-physician relationship that undergirds proper primary … More Commodifying Medicine

Public Health is Always Political

This piece was published on Think Global Health on May 5, 2020. In brief, the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered social precedents and many social media posts have called for social distancing while also ask that we all “not make this political.” Well, public health is political. An understaffed CDC and hamstrung global health security efforts leave the country exposed to a menace that … More Public Health is Always Political

Information and its Communication: The Foundation of Public Health Response

The COVID-19 storm made a powerful landfall in the United States and whipped up the social media winds slinging articles, guidelines, hot takes, and press releases at our squinting faces like a million specks of sand. The White House began to host daily press conferences. County public health departments put out recommendations that, at times, … More Information and its Communication: The Foundation of Public Health Response

The Luxury to Choose

Originally published here on The Health Care Blog. Also featured by the CAFP as part of their 70th anniversary celebration. — The 80 year-old woman lay on her mat, her legs powerless, looking up at the small group that had come to visit her. There were no more treatment options left. The oral liquid morphine … More The Luxury to Choose